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    4 Things To Do Before Putting Your Home On the Market

    "Home, it's where I want to be, lift me up and turn me round." -Talking Heads

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    Selling your home? Upgrading your window decor will put money IN your pocket!

    “In a recent article in Forbes, George Ratiu, Senior Economist at Realtor.com is quoted,  ‘Real estate markets have undergone noticeable shifts since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, in the wake of the lockdowns in March, Americans discovered that existing homes were not adequate for the new work, teach, exercise, cook and live at home reality. Based on realtor.com surveys of consumers, we learned that home shoppers are looking for more space, quieter neighborhoods, home offices, newer kitchens and access to the outdoors, traits which have revived a strong interest in the suburbs and smaller metro areas.’ This, coupled with accolades for Vermont’s handling of the virus💪 – quickly flattening the initial wave and slowly opening the economy in a safe way, has contributed to the continued demand in our region.” – Hickok and Boardman

    See what happens when people pull together as a community? We become an even more attractive place to live. Vermont is magical. We knew this before COVID-19. If you have or were thinking about placing your home on the market, now could be a GREAT time to get the ultimate bang for your buck.

    We hear it ALL the time. “Do window treatments REALLY increase the value of our home?”

    And our answer is unequivocally a resounding “YES!” 

    Upgrading your window treatments not only LOOKS great, but more importantly adds value to your home. When reviewing your home with your realtor, be clear about why you’ve selected the window treatments you have. Why? You’ve solved specific problems for the future owners. You’ll look like a hero to the possible buyers.

    We will be taking a look at types of problems that can be solved by window treatments, and increase the curb appeal and PRICE of your home. The FIRST impression to prospective buyers, is so important. You only get one shot to knock their socks off.


    • Ok we’ve ALL heard “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” But let’s be realistic, we ALL do it. You might love how the morning sun cascades in your breakfast nook, but others might find it blinding and downright uncomfortable.
    Shown: Hunter Douglas Silhouette Sheer Shadings
    • Time to upgrade. This is especially true right NOW. More and more people are working from home, teaching from home, and most importantly -virtually touring homes from home. It’s important that your home look it’s best.


      Laundry, Kitchens, and Bathrooms all require steam-proof solutions. You’ll have NO worries when it comes to smudges of your kiddos latest art project, splatters of Nona’s special gravy, splashes during bath time when you select faux wood blinds or shutters, which can stand up to the everyday wear and tear!


    • And when you’re upgrading the kiddos’ rooms, making a conscious decision to select cordless or motorized blinds and shades can eliminate a dangerous strangulation hazard and ensure that your children and pets stay safe. This will be a GIANT selling point to any expecting/ existing parents, and grandparents.


      Yes, we live in this glorious rural state. Some of us are super duper lucky and can’t even see their neighbors, but in our bigger cities, privacy is a selling point. Does a neighbor’s window look directly into one of your windows? Perhaps your living room or dining room has large picture windows facing a busy street. Top Down/Bottom Up Shades will preserve privacy and allow natural light to come in.


    Woven Woods and Cellular Shades Shown Above.


    • For instance, let’s say you have tall ceilings, one way to grab a prospective buyer is “A nice set of floor to ceiling drapes can take a room from boring to beautiful in the blink of an eye. – Lauren Flanagan at The Spruce. Another simple trick to make a smaller room feel LARGE, is by extending curtains out from both sides, over the wall.  This optical illusion works even if your windows are not overly big. You’ll see magic right before your eyes, and so will the potential buyers!


    • APPEAL TO MORE THAN JUST YOU Think of it this way, you adore the morning sunshine waking you up, but think of all the first responders, 2nd and 3rd shifters out there. *Pause a standing ovation for all their amazing work* All those hard working nurses, first responders that work in the wee hours and just want to crash into bed when they get home. Room-Darkening or Blackout Shades will make them weak in the knees, and your home irresistible!

    So let’s do this! Together, we’ll increase your home’s value & make it have SO much curb appeal, you’ll have a bidding war!

    We also offer home staging services.

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