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    Tips for Picking Out Window Treatments for a Man Cave!

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    Man CaveSay the words “window treatments” to most men and you’ll probably get a blank stare, a nervous smirk, or laughter. Still, every man cave with windows needs window treatments to ensure that the space works as intended.

    Something as simple as solar shades can go over the windows to keep out the sun’s intense rays while still letting in some light, or if a dark and private feel is preferred, blackout cellular window shades are exactly what you’ve been searching for.

    Our window treatments can be motorized so that they can be operated by remote control– a cool way to open and close the shades, right?

    It’s a good idea to have something proper to cover the windows of a man cave for several reasons, including privacy, blocking sunlight and UV rays, and preventing glare on the big screen TV in the room. Another fact you might not have known is that these window treatments will insulate in the summer and during the winter, helping you save on your utility bills. Our shades literally pay for themselves over time!

    Man caves typically house things men like to look at, own and enjoy. It’s not unusual for this space to have a bar, complete with a fridge, beer steins, hard liquor stored in fancy decanters (available online from www.whiskeydecanters.net), and some poker chips on hand.

    If a home is his castle, then a man’s man cave is his favorite room in the castle. It’s a place to escape from the world for quality alone time as well as time with friends and family. Surrounded by things they like, a man cave is like a little bit of paradise that thankfully doesn’t require a plane ride and hotel reservations– just the proper window treatments.

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