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    Advanced, modern building design often incorporates a tremendous volume of glass: exterior windows, interior windows, curtain walls, etc. Your design will incorporate glass that serves many purposes: bringing exterior light into the building, creating an environment that is open and inviting, giving a sense of the outdoors, indoors. Managing these sources of light while still maintaining the integrity of your design is critical. Uncontrollable exterior light, and the associated heat, can make your beautiful design uncomfortable and, potentially unworkable. And what of the privacy considerations for those times when the occupants don’t wish to be observed from the outside?

    You need a partner who understands these challenges and has the ability to develop custom shading solutions that will enhance, instead of detract, from your designs. Gordon’s Commercial Team has extensive experience in working with architects on all types of commercial building applications. We provide free consultation services to assist you with the trickiest of shading applications. No shading application is beyond our over 30 years of experience in the commercial building field.

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