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    SBA Family Business award!

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    “It is such an honor to be recognized by the SBA! When we started Gordon’s in 1986, it was out of my garage,” Gordon regaled. “Moving our business to Essex Junction and now at our larger manufacturing site in Williston, I always hoped for the business’ longevity.”

    Gordon continued, “My role these days is doing whatever she (Kelly) asks me to do. I’m always here if she finds a challenge. But I take the approach that I started fresh and made lots of mistakes — and I survived. I think the business is going to do just great under her tutelage. I went to an industry event in Germany a few years ago, and people there I didn’t know would say, “Oh! You’re Kelly’s father!”

    Each year Vermont small businesses compete for a variety of awards in addition to Small Business Person of the Year.

    “I’m pausing at this question because, I just get SO pumped thinking about the next 30 years. I think about how Gordon’s Window Décor is going to take every standard in our industry and turn it on it’s head, in the pursuit of creating the most incredible experience for every single client of ours. Our mission statement commits to delivering a product and experience that makes our clients smile. I am so looking forward spending the next 30 years delivering a product and experience that will make them jump up and squeal with delight!”, said Kelly Clements, now president and CEO of GWD

    Watch the 2015 Award Ceremony at Shelburne Museum

    “What an honor it is for me to recognize the National Small Business Week state and territorial winners from across the nation whose exceptional hard work has created and built successful small businesses,” said SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza.


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