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    A friend of a friend of a friend started doing this ingenious thing on his personal Facebook page a few years ago. He’s a realtor, a house flipper, a jack of all trades, if you will.

    He asked his friends, clients, prospective buyers/sellers, “Hey, do you need the name of a good_______?” 

    Such a simple thing, right? But think of it this way, a new kid on the block, who doesn’t know the area, or who to trust.

    • Yellow pages? (Do they even make them anymore?!)
    • Numerous home renovation referral sites(who, as we all know, you have to pay to play and the really good ones might be completely off-grid)
    • Not knowing your neighbors, I wouldn’t be about to ask for a good electrician.

    So he decided to start “Referral Wednesday” annnnnnd we adopted it here at GWD.


    Every Wednesday, on our Facebook page,  we referral a biz or service we simply adore.


    Supporting our fellow small businesses is how we build stronger communities. We are all in this together.

    And if you need a referral, do not hesitate to ask! We’d love to help you out!

    [email protected]

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