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    The SecurShade System provides enhanced security as well as, energy efficiency by electronically controlling the Shading.Designed to function as both, a first-alert security shade technology to thwart a would-be active shooter, and a commercial-grade window shade. SecurShade can make your school safer, more comfortable and less expensive with operating/energy costs.

    SecurShade was primarily developed in response to requests from our K-12 school clients. It is an inexpensive, energy efficient, low cost, automatic, remote closing system that could be used in the home as part of a security system or bigger and broader applications.

    • Post-secondary and specialty schools
    • Government buildings
    • Houses of worship
    • Planned Parenthood clinics
    • Research laboratories


    • The earliest possible on-site threat detection
    • SecurShade is at-the-ready in every school room
    • Eliminates dangerous exposure from traditional window shade lowering protocol
    • Entire school lockdown enabled with press of a button
    • Instantly blocks lines of sight of active shooter
    • Seamlessly close all the shades in the school in under 4 seconds with the push of a button
    • Provides a powerful visual school-wide lock down alert
    • Sends the alert, with location, to front office and to first responders

    Gordon Clements – Founder and Inventor of SecurShade

    Given the sad rising trend in school shootings, my mission is to see, as quickly as possible, schools across the country benefiting from the added safety and peace of mind SECURSHADE delivers upon threat of an active shooter situation.

    “Just as I was in the process of retiring and turning Gordon’s Window Décor, the company I started in 1981, now the largest custom window treatment company north of NY and the country’s largest retail fabricator of cellular shades under our exclusive EcoSmart brand, over to my daughter, a community tragedy occurred. A friend and elementary school teacher lost her life in a school shooting, giving me the purpose and inspiration to continue to put my window covering experience to meaningful use.

    In 2013 I began work on SecurShade – a system to remotely and instantaneously lower all the shades in a building in the event of a security threat that alerts the occupants and provides cover while simultaneously advising necessary authorities of the threat and its location. I believe “A teacher’s highest and best use should be directed to providing an optimum learning experience, and not worrying about how they will provide cover for the kids in the event of an active shooter event. This is the inspiration behind SECURSHADE.”

    In 1976 I purchased Conso Graber, the 2nd largest window treatment manufacturer in Canada. In 1981 I started Gordon’s Window Décor in Vermont, where my wife Dianne chose to raise our 3 girls.” 

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