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UVM-Music Building

The UVM Music building was in need of a shading system that would be energy efficient with ease of operation and maintenance.

“Built in 1973, the UVM Music department’s mission is to offer undergraduate students an intellectual and artistic environment that enables them to understand and appreciate music and dance both as art forms and as reflections of their deeper cultural contexts. We train music teachers, performers, theorists, composers, choreographers, and music historians, but also provide aesthetic insight and practical experiences to those for whom music and dance will be a lifelong avocation.” -copy and photo above courtesy of UVM


This aerial photo, illustrates the overall design of of the music building to mimic the shape of a piano.

GRAND architectural fore-thinking.






Client Need

Sheer drapery have a time and a place, but not in this beautiful contemporary structure.

Before- sheer drapery on upper windows.

Students, faculty, staff, family and guests were blinded by afternoon Sun.

Before and After

The Sun can be blazing and make this space uncomfortable and sometimes, unusable. The drapery had served it's purpose, but now it was time for a more suitable solution for this large, curved bank of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Our Solution

After a mindful consultation, David suggested our manually operated EcoSmart Roller shades. Our shades are made right here in Vermont, by Vermonters, which seemed quite appropriate for fifth oldest university in New England.

Our manual clutch system allows anyone to operate such large shades with ease and finesse. Minor adjustments can be made with the moving sunlight, with a small

We chose a 3% open weave fabric, in White with a White back. This particular fabric has a 65% of the solar reflectance rating.


The large floor-to-ceiling windows face East. There are a few tall pines, to assist shading the building from the morning Sun, but with adding shades, energy costs to heat and cool this space are reduced.

The curved shape of the architecture is so stunning. And needed special consideration.

To maintain the dramatic impact of the building's design, we customized each piece of fascia that houses each roller shade. 

Our expert installation team took time to meticulously angled each piece of fascia to flow. 


For safety, our team anchored each beaded chain to the floor with spring loaded stops.

Each semester, the Music Department's recital hall hosts around 30 concerts. UVM ensembles range from the Catamount Singers to the Jazz Vocal Ensemble; from Latin Jazz Ensemble to Percussion Ensemble -- and beyond. Students from all majors within the university are vital participants in ensembles and classes.- Courtesy of UVM Music

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