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    “There is virtue in work & there is virtue in rest. Use both & overlook neither.” - A. Cohen

    designed by Kelly Clements
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    Kelly Clements
    Drapery, Wood Blinds
    Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Rooms, Kitchen, Living Room, Main Bedroom

    “Jay Peak Slopeside Condos are truly “position A”, right in the centre of it all.  2-bedroom and 1-bath and are some of our most requested properties here at Jay Peak. Vacations don’t happen in packages. They play out in tiny moments—shared laughs, powder turns and family meals that all add up to the bigger picture. Of course, while your trip may not be remembered as a package, having a Jay Peak booking package sure helps you ignore the planning side of things a little more, in order to focus on those little moments.” – Courtesy of jaypeakresort.com

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