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Hotel Vermont

“Like Vermont, Hotel Vermont is full of compatible contradictions.

Located in downtown Burlington near the shores of Lake Champlain, we’re rustic and modern, local and global, natural and sophisticated, hand wrought and high tech.

We give you space to yourself and room to gather.

Vermonters are known for being independent, together.


And we’re here to help you explore like a local, relax like it’s your job, and soak in every detail.

From food fresh from the farm to your plate, to the glorious sunsets across the lake and ideas for exploring off the grid, we hope you’ll discover and enjoy our beautiful state as much as we do.” – Courtesy of Hotel Vermont



Client Need

Burlington’s first contemporary boutique property, the Hotel Vermont opened in 2014 with loyalty and dedication to showcasing regional products, artisan craftsmanship and eco-awareness.

Vermont’s rural roots are everywhere you look in this well-designed hotel. The progressive and thoughtful design with it's energy-saving lights that turn off automatically when guests are not in the room, radio frequency touch-card door locks(that you see everywhere in European hotels) and internet access at 100 megabytes-per-second which will knock your socks off!

With the clean contemporary vibe, we knew that our EcoSmart Roller shades would mesh well with the overall design of Hotel Vermont.



Our Solution

Each charming guestroom at Hotel Vermont, is equipped with a dual-shading system.

Crisp and clean, coordinating white, the light-filtering solar shade fabric preserves the breathtaking cityscape and lake views for it's guests......

....while the room-darkening fabric, invites sleep, after a long day exploring the Champlain Valley and bustling downtown.


In this room, the luminescence of our EcoSmart Roller shades is illustrated, beautifully.

This decorative mural on glass, disguises the rooftops & parking lots of nearby.

When it's time to sleep, even if it's a mid-day nap, our EcoSmart shades aid their guests.


Conference and common areas-

"Airy and welcoming, each room is a balance of private space and open design, featuring natural materials interpreted with sophisticated style. A comfortable and considerate space that allows you to focus, relax and be yourself.......

.....All function rooms feature large windows allowing views of either hotel's green roof area off the second floor to the south side, the terrace off the lounge or the street and lake views on the north side of the hotel."- courtesy of Hotel Vermont

With Somfy motorized system, adjusting the shading system of the Juniper Room is so easy! Just a touch of a button, and all shades will operate.


We are so grateful that our made in Vermont EcoSmart Roller shades are providing each guest comfort in this state-of-the-art, energy-efficient architectural marvel that is, Hotel Vermont.

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