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    New, bold and modern, sheer shadings offer the light control of a blind, and the light filtering effect of a shade. Made from two layers of fabric, each with an alternating sheer and translucent horizontal striping pattern, these shades can be adjusted to provide complete privacy or a partial view out.l_lif_allure_102_lr2

    Horizontal sheer shadings are ideal for large windows, places where superior light control is needed, and rooms with modern decor. Shades are operated with a continuous cord loop, and can be adjusted to align in closed or open position at any level. When raised, sheer Shading disappear into a metal cassette headrail.


    Transitional Shades magically transition natural light into the best light of your life.  You’ll delight in the nearly endless variety of light control and viewing options at every level. Close your Allure Transitional shades to create the privacy you desire or transition your shades to enjoy exceptional view-through while gently filtering harsh daylight.


    Room-darkening fabrics blends beauty with privacy. Your transitional shades can transform from light filtering to total room darkening for ultimate privacy or to block the sun’s harsh light from your furniture, floors or artwork.


    Horizontal sheer shading option offers two shades in one – an shade to the room side and a privacy shade to the street side!l_lif_allure_114_lr2

    The VERTICAL orientation is also another option. It’s versatility for use in windows or patio doors is unsurpassed. When installed on a patio door, the rollup into the fabric covered headrail is great for tight spaces where normal vertical blind stacking off the window is an issue.


    During the day, keep your sheer shades open, and enjoy a veiled view to the outdoors. At night enjoy the benefit of privacy. The change in privacy and light control is easier than you’d expect, thanks to a continuous cord loop control, which allows the vanes of the 2 fabrics to work in unison and be open or closed at any level.l_lif_allure_143_lr2To learn more call us toll free 800-896-2199  


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