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    On the Road with Barb Episode 6

    "Longevity in business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future." Satya N.

    Mud Season in Vermont

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    Take a glimpse of the life as a GWD Designer. Barb shares part of her day and what she encounters along the way.

    “Sitting here waiting for my next appointment looking out over Lake Champlain on Rt 2, I thought I would jot down some notes that I have been building all week to everyone.

    First, lots of miles.

    Second, lots of dogs – I was scared and taken aback by a nine-month-old red Doberman, nearly squished a Chihuahua. Met  a Labradoodle, a Scottie terrier, on and on….dogs all week.😌

    Next, I just have to give credit to this company for the loyalty of our longtime clients, there are some photos below of a home, circa 1986 – a client had treatments put in sometime between 1986 and 1991 that are quite unique!

    They are still in use and the quality of our products was a big factor in the client asking us to come back for some next phases of treatments. (I will say as I type this, it is a message that not everyone appreciates –we are in a market where budgets are a factor and a few times this week the client chose affordability.)

    Mud season and steep driveways – some people fear spiders and snakes, I think one of my biggest fears is getting in a situation where I am on a steep muddy driveway and I don’t know 100% if my car will make it! This week I encountered the second scariest driveway in my time with Gordon’s!

    Mud Season in Vermont

    Finally, I just want to give accolades to our Leader! In the “Sales” world, talking on the phone with a smile on your face and enthusiasm in your voice is an ART!  Kelly’s “art” was praised many times by a client on Wednesday …so thank you Kelly ! Amy is amazing at this “art” too – I know Michele and I appreciate it!

    Thank you for all you bring & do for Gordon’s …my job is better for it ! 😎😊off to my next consult! ~ B

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