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    October is National Window Covering Safety Month!

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    Here at Gordon’s we are committed to manufacturing and designing window treatment solutions that are safe for your home and family. Child safety is so important to us. We design and provide compliant shades to homes, businesses and schools.  Because we are the factory our talented production team can convert shades that may pose hazards to the children in your life into shades that are beautiful and safe.

    Window covering safety council.

    If you are starting a family or have young children in your home, may we suggest these window covering solutions.

    1. Motorized window treatment solutions – Almost all window treatments can be motorized making shades safe and easy to operate.
    2. Cordless window treatments – No cords, no hassles!
    3. EcoSmart Cellular Shades – Our EcoSmart shades come standard with a breakaway cord equalizer, and our continuous cord shades have a hold down that is screwed to the wall.  Cordless and motorized upgrades are available on all EcoSmart shades.

    Some helpful tips from windowcoverings.org

    What to Look For… Children and window cords don’t mix. When window cords are accessible to small children, these seemingly harmless products may become strangulation hazards. This is especially important with older window coverings that may not meet the latest national standard for window cord safety.

    Child safety

    Move all cribs, beds, furniture and toys away from windows and window cords, preferably to another wall.

    Cordless shades for child safety

    If at all possible, use only non-corded window coverings in homes where infants and young children are present.

    Call us for more information on how to make your home safer for children. 802-655-7777 or email us at: i[email protected]

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