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    Why We Love Solar Shades!

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    It’s the very end of summer, and fall is nearly upon us. After an amazing summer, we wanted to reflect on one of our favorite summer window treatments, solar shades. Solar shades help protect the inside of your home and help absorb heat from the outside world.

    Solar Shades

    Why We Love Solar Shades!

    • Solar shades have been known to reduce energy costs up to 15%.
    • They’ll reduce UV rays, glare and improve the overall comfort of your home.
    • Our solar shades will give you privacy, which is nice especially when you live in an urban area.
    • Our solar shades can come motorized, which is perfect for those who like in-home automation.
    • When you purchase solar shades from Gordon’s Window Décor, each shade has been made by hand by our production team. If you want to, you can even speak to the person who hand-crafted your shade!
    • Solar shades are a great commercial application for schools and universities because they are very economical.

    To learn more about these unique window treatments, contact the team at Gordon’s Window Décor today at (802) 655-777 or come visit us at our showroom in person. Gordon’s Window Décor is located at 8 Leroy Road. In Williston, Vermont and we look forward to serving your window treatment needs for many years to come!

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