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    GWD goes on a Field trip!

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    Comfortex Window Fashions is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of custom window treatments headquartered in ‘nearby’ Maplewood, NY, just outside Albany. CTX opened their doors for a factory tour, and our team members that had yet to see the magic, jumped at the opportunity! Can you say….ROAD TRIP!

    We got the nickel tour of their manufacturing facility and headquarters. We got to see their new motorization program, got to meet (finally!) their awesome customer service team, Product managers, and Design Specialist! CTX also put on a delish BBQ spread!

    Ok, ok getting ahead of myself….first was the early morning drive down and fueling ourselves with BREAKFAST in Whitehall, NY at Historic Grounds.


    VERY important, some say the most important meal of the day. Alright, back on the road…customer service NEVER sleeps. Annnnd parking lot selfies!

    OMG! They’re the same age as us! TWINS!

    Factory tour was next!



    Check out their HUGE printers.😲😲

    BBQ time!

    Annnd it’s not a road trip until someone hangs their head out the window….

    Factory tours are even MORE fun when you’re an adult! Thanks Comfortex for showing GWD’s team around your impressive digs!

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