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    Flynn Center Fundraising Auction

    Burlington's "Wonder Theatre" was established in 1930 as a state-of-the-art vaudeville and motion pictures venue. The Flynn has endured a zigzagging history to become the renowned, world-class performing arts center it is today.

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    “The Flynn auction would not be a success without support from our community and local businesses. Over 100 small businesses donate to the auction and we are so grateful for all of their support. We believe that art has the power to amplify voices and perspectives, and to make our community stronger. By offering pay-what-you-can online and in-person classes and free, safety-focused, performing arts events throughout the past year we have continued to bring art to many, to uplift and heal, to raise voices in our community. And now, now is the time that we start working to not only open our doors once again but continue to be accessible to all.” – courtesy of Flynn Center for the Arts

    Gordon’s Window Décor is a very proud sponsor of the Flynn Center, because the Earth without art is just eh.🌎

    The pandemic has hit the arts and we knew we had to do something! Please bid on the many fun and unique items The Flynn has curated, which will support their AWESOME educational and cultural programming in the coming year. Let’s show our support and LOVE for the arts. Please share with friends and family to help this auction be a MASSIVE success!

    psst…there are 5 GWD certificates to win!

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