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    Design Trends for 2022!

    "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it." -L.M. Montgomery

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    As 2021 winds down, it is fun to think about home décor designs that will be trending in the new year.


    COLORS OF 2022

    Benjamin Moore- October Mist


    Benjamin Moore- Breezeway


    Sherwin-Williams- Evergreen Fog


    Pantone- Very Peri



    As you can see with the collection of colors of the year, calm and serenity are definitely in the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the stress and tension of the past few years, ANY calm and serenity is WELCOME, aimrite?

    The trend that keeps on going is Biophilia

    The term “biophilia,” means having an affinity for the living world., American biologist and author E.O. Wilson coined the phrase in the 80’s- was coined back in the ’80’s by American biologist and author E.O. Wilson. “We have an instinctive drive to connect with nature”, he said, “and the more we connect, the happier we are.” That’s why a walk in the woods can feel SO friggin good,. or hiking up Mount Mansfield will change your life. A daily hike not an option? Bring nature indoors, with plants and a hot trend now, moss walls. SO cool. So tactile.

    From small apartments…

    Photo Courtesy of The Lightyard


    To luxury homes and public spaces, this trend will have you seeing GREEN and lovin’ every minute of it.

    Photo Courtesy of UrbanLand.uli.org

    To bring this trend to your home, of COURSE you need to go to your favorite Green Thumb Gurus (might we suggest, Red Wagon Plants in Hinesburg, our neighbor here in Williston Gardner’s Supply and Sam Mazza’s in Colchester)

    Living with plants will relax you, provide your home with cleaner air and those little green wonders have been proven to increase concentration.


    Reclaimed Materials. YAS! This next trend is born into EVERY Vermonter. With supply chain snafus, lumber prices THROUGH the literal roof, designing with reclaimed material makes all the sense in the world. Choosing products and materials that are meant to last generations rather than ending up in the landfill is not just good design- it’s also great for the environment. , interior design in 2022, will reflect a longer lifespan, and furnishings that are timelessly chic and functional.

    From these sleek, reclaimed stairwell treads…

    Courtesy of Dwell


    To reclaimed wood for this kitchen island….

    To particle board for finished spaces. I’ve personally noticed this trend on European Design shows in the past few years, and it’s finally made it’s way to the US.

    Photo Courtesy from Arch Daily

    Us, native Vermonters, were born to recycle, reduce and REUSE!


    Get ready for a Craft Revival

    Many design experts agree, clients are increasingly seeking out vintage, antique, and handcrafted furnishings and décor for their homes. Be on the lookout for more vestibules, hallways, libraries, console desks, pantries, and dressing spaces with a focus on displaying collections.

    Instead of investing in expensive statement pieces, the trend of displaying collections of already acquired goodies (like my own antique camera collection) in an antique mail center is a trifecta! Recycled, Upcycled and REUSED!

    Courtesy of Shelterness.com

    For furnishings, think: throne-like chairs, consoles, and sideboards. For accessories, look for generously scaled table lamps, large candlesticks, quilts and rustic linen, patterning, and heavily textured ceramics.

    Think STATEMENT pieces. I’m partial to Victorian balloon accent chairs…myself.


    I’m talking archways, rounded corners, and wavy geometry! No, this won’t work for every kitchen, but there are many variations on this theme. Curved lines add a soft feel to a space, and they also suggest movement. Many times when a space feels heavy, it is because the design includes only vertical and horizontal lines.

    Courtesy of Home Design Lover


    Courtesy of Dwell


    And last but not least, the trend that keeps going, flex spaces and home offices. The need for hybrid and remote work rolls right into 2022. Flex living/working spaces that can accommodate the needs of the whole family under the same roof are no longer a perk, but rather a necessity. Between working from home, schooling from home and aging in place- we are spending more time at home than we have in generations so making sure it is a space that is functional as well as beautiful matters more than ever.


    And just like 2020 and 2021, 2022 is no different! GWD is still offering our Corporate Discount!


    Inspired? NEED to see more? Check out our dedicated Pinterest board for all the trends and more.

    Feel overwhelmed with all of this?  Don’t you fret. This new year, make a FRESH, on trend start.

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