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    C’est si BON! French Returns: trend watch!

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    The French have created and perfected many, MANY magnifique things! Including the kiss, fries, connection, and cabarets!

    Funny funny.
    Zut ALORS! Zee French KISS!

    Did you know we have the French to thank for hot air balloons, photography, rabies vaccine, the modern stethoscope, and the bikini? Pop open that bottle of champagne, spread the Pâté on your baguette and nibble on that Foie gras.

    Ohh la la, the amour we feel for zzhis French return trend is bon, trés BON!

    Ok ok ok…curve your enthusiasm. On second thought, don’t.

    This drapery hardware is zee crème de la crème!

    Stunning French returns
    Impeccable French Return drapery design.

    French Returns have such a graceful design, providing full window coverage. There’s no gap between the window panels and the wall, allowing for extra privacy and the ULTIMATE light control.

    French return detail.
    Seen here: the drapery is pulled away from the wall, to show design of hardware.

    The energy-efficient design, makes this home accessory ideal for blocking out cold air and keeping more heat inside, helping you save money on your energy bill during the colder months. In the Summer months, it helps shield your interior from the blazing sun, and again, saving in energy costs with reducing the need for air conditioning.

    French Returns with grommets
    Square grommet + French return = dazzling drapery design!

    et Voilà! At Gordon’s, we would love to help you achieve this look for your home.

    French returns
    Our designer Abigail, designed this magnificent design for her client.

    Au Revoir, until we see you again. *kiss kiss*

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