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    Donna is retiring!

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    The time has come……

           Thanks for your dedication, Donna!

    to bid our dazzling Donna Hislop, adieu.

    After nearly 20 years dazzling clients with jazzy jabots, delicious draperies and snazzy shades, Donna is packing up and moving South!

    “Working at Gordon’s, I have been very successful in fulfilling my clients wants and needs, over these years. I love fabrics and designing beautiful treatments.”

    March 31 will mark the end of another era for GWD Donna’s departure after 19 years with the company. Wow, that is a lot of windows that are looking so much better – and A LOT of happy families. Donna had a unique selling style that resulted in very happy people.

    I am sure Donna is looking forward to the warmer weather and being closer to her kids. Family was always first priority with Donna.
    What I KNOW is that she will have a big smile every time she thinks of those great big sample books and that they are behind her.

    I will not forget all these years we have spent together Donna – the fun we had a shows and of course your love for Black Velvet. 🍷

    We join together in saying THANKS and wishing you and Skip all the best.”


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