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    2023 Design Trends

    “Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” J. L. Huie

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    2022 is winding down, let us look forward to what the NEW year will bring in home decor!



    COLORS OF 2023

    Benjamin Moore’s Color of 2023

    “Raspberry Blush”



    “Redend Point”


    Pantone- Viva Magenta 

    BRIGHT!    BOLD!     RICH! 

    courtesy of https://samuelandsons.com/en/gallery courtesy of : https://www.grahambrown.com/ courtesy of : https://samuelandsons.com/en/gallery

    If you remember last year’s was Biophilia…. kinda continuing on that vibe, this year is all about Eco-Conscious Homes.

    Kathy of Kathy Kuo Homes says consumers will design spaces that “feel in harmony with the natural world” while still being “super-chic and upscale.” Expect a pivot from synthetic materials, like acrylic, to organic, layered textures—a design trick that boosts serenity. We LOVE the this shift. Warms our 💚

    Kuo predicts an elevated approach to minimalism that combine simple silhouettes and natural materials, leading “consumers to seek out refined wovens like cane and earthy wood options like mango wood and oak.” As more and more people desire for greener homes, sustainable design will remain top of mind, encouraging renewable materials like wool, cotton, bamboo, linoleum, and cork across design elements like flooring, furniture, textiles, and building materials.

    Upcycling continues into 2023…with supply chain snafus, lumber prices THROUGH the literal roof, designing with reclaimed material makes all the sense in the world. Choosing products and materials that are meant to last generations rather than ending up in the landfill is not just good design- it’s also great for the environment.

    Learn more about building greener. Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens!

    Sustainable Design. Susan Hayward, founder of Susan Hayward Interiors, notes that many folks will start ditching inexpensive (and cheaply made) furniture in favor of antiques or other investment pieces that won’t end up in a landfill after a few years. She says, “People are going to begin investing more in quality products that will stand the test of time. Rather than buying something cheap to get the look at the moment, people will be more selective about what they put in their home in order to have it for years to come.”

    I, myself, LOVE this. And have already started replacing my ‘cheaper’ pieces with antiques.

    A couple favorite local haunts are:

    Anjou Pear -Burlington, VT www.facebook.com/AnjouvT2


    Barge Canal Market  Burlington, VT www.facebook.com/bargecanalmarket


    Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace www.facebook.com/VintageInspiredVT/


    RICH, saturated hues.

    Jewel tones create an elegant moodiness that designers expect to be sought after. “I love mixing jewel tones with spicier colors, like burnt orange, for an unexpected color-blocked look,” says Designer, Sarah Stacey.  Deep reds, browns, and greens will also take the spotlight in 2023. Meredith Ellis of Meredith Ellis Design predicts an uptick of red lacquer libraries coming in the future. “Some have been hesitant to incorporate red into their homes, but with everyone out and about again and traveling, I see people being bolder and more fearless in their selections,” she says. “We’ve seen this prediction bloom already with Raspberry Blush, a cheerful red-orange shade chosen as Benjamin Moore’s pick for 2023.” 

        images courtesy of House Beautiful


    The trend that keeps going, flex spaces and home offices. The need for hybrid and remote has not diminished. Flex living/working spaces that can accommodate the needs of the whole family under the same roof are a necessity. Between working from home, schooling from home and aging in place- we are spending more time at home than we have in generations so making sure it is a space that is functional as well as beautiful matters more than ever.

    2 Words: Murphy Bed 😉

    courtesy of Inspired Closets courtesy of Inspired Closets  

    Our friends at Inspired Closets have a GREAT selection of Murphy beds.


    Performance Fabrics
    Many designers are being tasked with creating beautiful, but still livable spaces—especially for families who have small children, pets, or busy lifestyles. Brad Ramsey, principal designer and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors, says, “Everyone wants indestructible fabrics!”

    Thankfully, 2023 will be kinder to those of us who are prone to spilling red wine on the couch. Ramsey says, “There are now so many options that mimic the look of natural linen, velvet and textural fabrics, but they are outdoor-rated, stain-resistant, high-performance materials. Couple that with stain resistant, washable rugs, and we can now design homes that do not sacrifice function for aesthetic purposes.”  All I heard was, ‘BRING ON THE WINE!’ 🍷

    Here at GWD, we have a spectrum of durable, stain resistant and bacterial resistant fabrics. So beautiful and soft to the touch.


    Lighting as ART.

    It’s time to play around with lighting! Just as this year’s colors are BOLD and dramatic, so should be your lighting. We’re not just talking lighting fixtures, but lighting as design. “…to learn the importance of ambient lighting and the role it plays in giving a space a feeling. We believe lighting will become more sculptural with mixed materials incorporated into the pieces.” Creative Director and Co-founder of House of Leon, Jordan Neman, says.

    Hen of the Wood – Conant Metal & Light www.facebook.com/conantvt/


    Hubbardton Forge- Castleton, VT www.facebook.com/HubbardtonForgeVT


    The Lighting House -South Burlington, VT



    The trend that is reigning supreme is motorization.

    From roombas vacuums to magical, fancy faucets, you know you LOVE the convenience that home automation brings to lives.

    Imagine, a looooong day at work, then coming home, only to shovel for an hour or so. THEN do your personal chores, make, eat, and clean up dinner…finally JUMP in bed.

    Siiiiiiiigggghhh bliss achieved…and then, you notice…your shades, ALL the way OVER there are UP. UGH.

    But with a click of a button, you can control your window treatments from your smartphone, tablet or remote.  You don’t have to leave that cozy nest you created for yourself. Not only are motorized shades extremely functional, they’re available in many different colors, sizes and designs, which allows them to appeal to virtually any space’s style, and yes, the affordability is getting better and BETTER!

    This new year, make a FRESH, an on trend start. Feel inspired and don’t know where to start?

    Well, let’s start with the first step…Set up your free in-home consultation today with our designers.  

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