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    2018 color & design trends!

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    Design trends form 2018.

    It’s almost here! A brand NEW year filled with tantalizing color and design!

    Pantone announced their color for 2018, “Ultra Violet”

    Benjamin Moore’s selection is equally as bold, red hot, “Caliente”

    Sherwin Williams selection is OH so sassy, “Oceanside” 



    The following design trends are quite interesting. The predictions for the upcoming year are calling for natural woods, patterned floors, wallpaper (I know, right?) kitchen ‘pass-throughs’ dark, rich hues and soft, rounded edges in furnishings are just some that you’ll be seeing EVERYWHERE!


    Metallic finishes in furnishings bedroom. Look at this dynamic bed, chair, and lighting combo.Metals reflect the light, brightening every space. But be careful. Going too gung-ho with this trend, has the potential to leave your space cold and industrial.


    Patterned flooring can be subtle or daring. Look at these tantalizing tiles! A long, marble herringbone pattern, a subtle damask or graphic geometric! Something for everyone.


    Dark, moody hues creating cozy environments that you’ll never want to leave. This is quite the contrast to the ‘no-contrast’ farmhouse looks that have been so popular, in recent years. Check out the dual-tone drapery in this example.

    Wallpaper. This trend melds well with the dark hue/metallic trend already mentioned. Covering one wall with a mural-esque design is a powerful design accent.


    Watch this video about this Brooklyn, NY studio creating some amazing papers.


    Kitchen pass-throughs are perfect to keep the party going inside and OUT! Literally.  Creating an open-concept to any floor plan, whether it be an interior wall or as in this photo, exterior, can REALLY change the vibe of a space.



    Saving the best for last, in the world of window decor, automation/motorization is sweeping the industry. Want the power to program your shading system to raise or lower at a certain time? We can do that.


    Flight lands in Switzerland and you forgot to close your shades? With swipe on your iPhone, shades are closed!


    Drapery is coming back. Bold, rich, luxurious drapery. Large patterns, lots of fabric. YUM

    But wait, there’s MORE! Wide, fanciful trims, with elaborate embroideries.   

    Our designers are here for YOU! Together, we can make 2018 GORGEOUS!

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