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ENLARGE your Summer enjoyment

square footage with exterior patio shades!

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Patio shading systems are designed with the natural elements exposure in mind!

Ideal for:

  • -Patios
  • -Decks
  • -Pergolas
  • -Porches
  • -Balconies
  • -Gazebos

Attach the bungee hold-downs for protection from the wind and errant golf balls. Enjoy your summer evening and make your family and guests comfortable.Bright sun and excessive heat can make patio and deck uncomfortable when the sun starts to set.

     This is also the time you are likely to be grilling dinner and entertaining. Lower our sun shade when you need it and roll it up when you don’t.

Protect your home, floors, upholstery, furniture, art & YOURSELF with:


UV Protection: Generally, fading of furniture, floors and artwork can be attributable to four things: 40% is caused by Ultra Violet (UV) light, 25% is caused by visible light, another 25% by heat and the remaining 10% can be linked to humidity, pollutants, dye stability etc. This means that our window film which blocks about 99% of the UV coming through your windows will prevent about 40% of the fading that will occur!








You won’t have to lift a finger! We’ll do it all! Our expert designers will chat with you about your needs and wants,  so they can be sure to bring samples of products that will fit YOUR home and YOUR life. You can sit back, put your feet up, have a cocktail and let us take it from there!

During the consultation your designer will show you products, discuss color, measure your windows and give you an estimate for the project.

Designing window treatments isn’t easy- good thing getting help is.

We’ll help you transform any room, starting with our FREE consultation!

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