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We manufacture!

For 32 years, Gordon’s has been a manufacturing company.

We like being able to control the quality of every part and piece that goes into one of our EcoSmart Roller,  EcoSmart Cellular shades , and our soft goods.

We are proud to the have the a highly skilled and dedicated production team. Our team take pride in every single shade they build.


Gordon’s team manufacturing our EcoSmart Roller shades.

“I was frustrated by the shortcuts taken with even the biggest strongest brands. The life expectancy of a $200 shade would be cut in half to save 5 cents by using high bulk cord. Making it ourselves, I could make sure that every single component was the best it could be. As a result we have people bringing shades back for cleaning that have been used ever day for 20 years. So the shades may have cost a few dollars more up front, but what a bargain after only a few years.”

Come into our factory showroom in Williston, we’re excited to give you a tour.


We’re good with our hands.

Gordon expresses his passion for manufacturing his own products.

Handmade. Quality. Precision.

Handmade. Quality. Precision.

“There is a continuous research and testing to improve our products we manufacture.

A superb product made in Vermont, by Vermonters.”

Custom. Handmade. Pride in our work and products.

Custom. Handmade. Pride in our work and products.

We take pride in our work, and it shows with every piece.

Made by hand, and with heart.

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