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Rodman Jones-Designer

Meet Rodman Jones!

He’s one of our designer-extraordinaire. We’re so excited to have him on our team!

Rodman earned his BFA at Sage College specializing in Interior design.

His passion is helping people realize their dreams in design. He adores Industrial Modern, “but really, I love everything.” 

In my downtime, I like to:

“Spend time with my partner, Dave. We recently just renovated our condo so we have both been enjoying the beautiful space we created. I have a strong passion for creating art, whether it be painting, sketching or designing things. I LOVE to travel and try to do so as much as I can. I also enjoy cooking, baking and hosting family and friends for elaborate cocktail parties and full course dinners. I am also a huge nerd for vintage cameras and love digging through antique shops looking for the perfect addition to my collection. If you should ask why I love vintage cameras so much, I would tell you that there is no better way to stay in touch with the pass then with what helped capture the memories for the future.”

My favorite word is:

“Serendipity. I have always been a stronger believer in those chance occurrence of events that benefit your life in such magical ways.”

If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?:

“My two grandfathers. My Taid (welsh for grandfather) passed away before my parents were even married. So it has always been a dream of mine to meet the man I was named after, and learn more about him first hand. My Poppy and I were extremely close when I was growing up and I use to talk to him on a daily basis, so after his passing in 2014, I now have so many stories, life experiences and successes to share with him now.”

I support local…

“Because when you supporting small business, not only are you contributing to the community, but you’re supporting a dream.”

Want to schedule an in-home consultation with Rodman?

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Check out his portfolio:

Barn at Smugglers Notch. 

Shutters for master bath.

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