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Donna Hislop

Donna has been a designer with Gordon’s Window Décor for awhile. May 2016 marks her 18th year. She definitely knows her stuff! Her clients say working with her is a blast.

More about Donna

What made your choose the window covering industry? It was an opportunity that came up and I felt I could be very good at designing some beautiful treatments.

What inspires you? Challenges. I love those projects that present more of a challenging situation in terms of design or color or product.

What has been your favorite project and why? One of my many projects that I have fond memories of was in Bennington where each and every room needs unique shades and soft treatments. If was a fabulous challenge!

What word best describes you? Enthusastic

What is your design philosophy? I always listen to my client and make sure I’m helping them make choice that satisfy their needs.

Is there anything you would like to add? I feel I have been very successful in fulfilling my clients wants and needs, over my 18 years with Gordon’s Window Décor.

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“We are very pleased Art and I are with our new shades in the living room!  The color we chose is perfect and we are very happy with the fact that the shades, when in their open position, hardly impact the overall feel of the window.  Thank you again for all of your assistance in this project.” – Helaine and Art M.

“Donna is fun to work with. I really enjoy her. I wish I had more windows. She listened to me.” – Michele L.

“Donna has been wonderful to work with in every aspect of each order I have placed with her. Every item I have ever purchased at Gordon’s has stood the test of time.” – Ellie B.

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