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Close up of a double cell (honeycomb) EcoSmart Shade- the cells help stop the transfer of air.

We carry a wide variety of insulating cellular (honeycomb) shades for every room in your home. Our EcoSmart insulating shades are attractive as well as insulating, durable, resistant to dust and low maintenance. Available with top-down-bottom-up opening hardware (opens both top and bottom), Child Safe Cordless Shades, Room Darkening and Skylight Shades. Most of our EcoSmart cellular shades are made in our Williston factory. Arches and odd shapes are our specialty.

Insulating Shades Cut Heating and Cooling Costs – You’ll Feel the Difference!

Imagine how cold or hot this room would be without insulating shades. The beauty of the shades is that when they are raised they don’t draw attention to themselves and leave these gorgeous windows free and clear

The clean, classic styles of EcoSmart Insulating shades are attractive and practical.

  • Light Filtering or Room Darkening
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Double cell construction offers beauty, function and value.
  • Higher insulating energy efficiency than any other competitive shades.
  • Durable and easily cleaned.
  • Hardware options feature Child Safe Cordless, Duofold (Opens top and bottom), and Energy Saving Side track.
Blackout in a bedroom

Blackout EcoSmart Shades are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms

Black-Out and Room Darkening – 95%-99% Light Blocking material provides “sleep in the day” features while still enhancing the beauty and drama of your room decor.  Energy Saving Side Tracks increase light blocking to about 98%. Excellent for living rooms, bedrooms, home theaters,  or home offices. Energy Saving Side Tracks (Shown Below) block even more light on sides.

EcoSmart Shades with Sidetracks create a four-sided seal to really enhance how well they insulate.

Energy Saving Side Track System – Even more energy efficient than our double cell shades alone.  The system consists of side tracks which attach to your window frame and specially fitted end caps aligning with specially notched sides of the shades to minimize energy loss – and maximize heating or cooling efficiences! Made in Vermont.

See the difference!

Without Energy Side Track (shown on left), light leaks on both sides of the shade. With Energy Saving Side Tracks (shown on right), the room is darker and more energy efficient.

EcoSmart Shade without Sidetracks

EcoSmart Shade with Sidetracks

Winter or summer, EcoSmart shades save you money on heating and cooling costs and keep you and your family more comfortable!

Illustration of how Cellular Honeycomb shades work by preventing air flow into the home.

Cordless EcoSmart Shades are a great choice for homes with kiddos and pets

Child Safe Cordless Cellular Shades – No Fear. No Cord.

Recommended by Consumer Product Safety Council – the best choice in a home with children and pets is a cordless shade.

Tie downs, break-away tassels, cord cleats and retraction systems all have cords and require active engagement by the consumer. Cordless is carefree security and safety.

Skylights are one of the first windows that should be covered when considering energy efficient window treatments.

We offer a variety of Skylight Shades – Operated Manually or Motorized.  All are energy efficient cellular shades.

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