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    Trend Watch 2018!

    Our quarterly lifestyle magazine that educates, entertains and informs. Each issue will be filled with spotlights on local characters, organizations, dining, shopping, things to do and see and some of the most amazing and breathtaking photography capturing the beauty of central Vermont. 2018 Vermont Trend Watch.

    Trend Watch 2019

    Read entire article below:

    Notwithstanding the aggressive dominance of Amazon and advances in technology easing
    the chores of everyday life (“Alexa, put paper towels on the list”), brick-and-mortar businesses will continue to flourish. “Yes, you read that right. Despite the doom and gloom being reported in certain retail sectors (i.e.,department stores), we firmly believe that brick-and-mortar retail is alive and well,” says Forbes magazine. Consumer predictions for 2018 are for personalization and customization down to the last detail. Think about it—you aren’t just buying “stuff.” You want an experience you won’t find anywhere else. And that’s what gets the team at Gordon’s Window Decor (GWD) so excited. Theirs is a team of passionate professionals who love what they do and are always ready and eager to create an invaluable customer experience you won’t find online or at a big-box store.

    There’s a lot to be said for being able to see, feel, and truly experience a product
    before investing in it. That’s just part of the value of a brick-and-mortar showroom
    like Gordon’s. And consumers appreciate the consultative relationships they build
    with Gordon’s team and how they can help their dollars go farther. Moreover, the
    money customers spend will be invested in a service or product that meets all their
    needs as well as the test of time. They also appreciate knowing that the GWD team
    stands by their products and will continue to provide service and advice long after
    the sale. Even fairly straightforward projects like café shutters benefit from the consultative
    process. Discussing clients’ needs and wants helps prevent disappointments, wasted money, and other potential pitfalls and ensures that their project aligns with their needs, which might include natural light, privacy, and a specific aesthetic.
    High-quality products including insulating cellular shades, roller shades, wood blinds, draperies, and solar shades give customers the options they desire to make every room function according to their vision.

    Retail is becoming far more vibrant and diverse, with more independently owned stores and businesses rather than fewer, as one might expect. Artisan products and specialized services are carefully crafted for potential customers to not only fall in love with but also to cherish and eventually return for more. The national and international news of the past year may have given rise to an impulse in many to focus on their homes. And the team at GWD has knowledge, experience, and passion to make every house a home. Social media outlets provide numerous avenues for sharing the stories of small but highly successful family businesses.

    Customer care comes first Gordon’s window decor and Gordon’s is no exception.
    Complicated projects with endless variables, integrated motorized systems, and complex logistics can be daunting, but accessing the expertise and experience of the GWD team allows consumers to bring their visions to life.

    Gordon’s Window Decor has always been about putting the customer first and striving to create a personal experience. That is the epitome of their complimentary shop-from-home consultations. What other location could be more appropriate for designing the décor for your home? Color swatches found online are misleading, and the texture of a fabric can’t
    be discerned from your smartphone. Nor can the quality of a window covering’s operating system be relayed by a two dimensional diagram. Consultations at your home are fun and inspiring and allow the team at Gordon’s to make sure all aspects of the project, including everything from lifestyle to tricky mounting conditions, are achieved with expertise.

    On the day of your installation, the team from GWD will not simply put up your blinds. They’ll devote as much time as you want to show you how to operate and care for them. They’ll ensure that you understand everything you need to be comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. Programmable motorization will be thoroughly reviewed until you’re comfortable. That’s Gordon’s Window Decor—a family company created by Vermonters that will leave you feeling assured your money has been well invested.

    Schedule your free shop-from-home consultation TODAY!



    Congressman Welch, TJ Donovon at Gordon's Window Decor

    Kelly, president of Gordon’s Window Decor, proudly states to Congressman Welch, AG TJ Donovoan and Darcy Carter, “This shade is in for repair and was originally manufactured in 1998. Our shades never end up in landfills”

    “Gordon’s window treatments are fancied halfway across the globe in Australia and New Zealand (a blogger Down Under recommended them a few years ago, showing the influence of social media on modern marketing). Upwards of 20 percent of their approximate $3 million in sales are exported outside the US. While continuing to do retail at their facility in Williston, their future success lies with commercial sales, solar shades and secure shades. Already, they’ve installed secure shades at schools in Williston and Essex Junction. With the flick of a button, all the shades at a school could be lowered in an emergency, or when it’s simply hot and sunny.” -Courtesy of Vermont Biz

    Trend Watch 2017

    Always wonderful to be included in this amazing publication. LOVE being on “trend watch” !

    Family Business Magazine 2016!

    “Kelly Conklin, 36, became president of Gordon’s Window Décor last year when her father, Gordon Clements, passed the torch—literally.”

    Our small, family business was featured in Family Business Magazine!

    Click to enlarge and read!

    Family Business 2016

    Workplace Family Values Bring National Acclaim to Local Business

    Williston, VT – Gordon’s Window Décor has been awarded the 2015 Vermont Family Owned Business of the Year Award by The United States Small Business Administration (SBA). The nomination-based award honors the company’s long-term standing as small business whose ownership is passed from one generation to the next.

    Gordon’s Window Décor started in founder Gordon Clements’ basement in 1986, and has since transformed into a locally and nationally recognized name, supplying custom-made window treatments and soft goods from their Williston showroom and production facility. As of February 2015, ownership transferred from Clements to his daughter, Kelly Conklin, who was previously the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Although the title is new to Conklin, the father-daughter duo has been working cooperatively with their team of builders, installers, and retailers for 13 years.

    “Kelly took over as President this year – but has really been running Gordon’s for some time now. So this award is really about her – and more importantly the team she has formed,” says Clements. “Their dedication to provide competitively priced, extremely high quality product and service is what makes this award possible. The team reflects Kelly’s devotion to value and our customers’ satisfaction.”

    The Vermont Family Owned Business of the Year Award is part of SBA’s National Small Business Week campaign, where select businesses across the nation are awarded for their exemplary efforts. The SBA, founded in 1953, helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses. All awarded-winners not only fit the description of their particular award, but also support and benefit their community and create good jobs for their teams of employees.

    “We are so proud of this award because it recognizes something far beyond just being a family business,” Conklin said. “It recognizes our team, coming together day in and day out to provide the highest quality window shades on the market and an experience that makes our client’s smile- that’s what this award is all about.”

    The Gordon's Team

    The Gordon’s Team


    Erin Moriarty

    [email protected]

    8 Leroy Rd

    Williston, VT 05495



    Burlington Free Press President announcement!

    We’re bustin’ with pride over here and the Burlington Free Press* caught our drift!

    Kelly Conklin was named President. Yippe!


    *Burlington Free Press slightly altered to include Kelly’s photo

    Top 25 under 35 in Family Business

    Excerpts from article.

    Conklin, the chief operating officer* at Gordon’s Window Decor, says she wears, “a ton of hats” at the company, which is based in Williston, VT and was founded by her father, Gordon Clements, in 1986. She manages the retail team, works with her father to shape the vision of the business, develops systems and processed and focus\ses on “making sure we have raving fans internally and externally.” …….Conklin says she get satisfaction from “being part of a company that rocks.”She adds, “The fact that it’s my family is the cherry on top.”  Conklin also says she’s delighted to play a major role in setting the direction fo the company at an early age. “If people are nervous about joining the family business, I would advise them to give it a shot, ” she says, “It’s a great way to have an impact on the business as well as the family relationship and see family members in a whole new light.”

    *Kelly Conklin was appointed President February 10, 2015

    Family Business 25th anniversary issue

    Read about Gordon’s Window Decor in Window Fashion Vison Magazine April, 2011

    Most people don’t typically think of Vermont when they they think of trends, but Gordon Clements, owner of Gordon’s Window Decor, based in Vermont, with additional offices in upstate New York and Virginia, believes his clientele is on the leading edge of consumer behavior.

    “Given all that has hit the consumer lately—the loss of pension savings, the downturn in the home market, spiraling energy costs—I think Vermont is already the market the rest of the U.S. will become,” Clements said. “Vermonters are pragmatic, careful, demanding and have long favored buying local. We are fact- and value-driven and, given that our winters can interminable, have always been energy-conscious. More…

    Green Energy Times article, The Window Shade Solution, features Gordon’s

    Read about Gordon’s Window Decor’s Ecosmart Shades on the Green Energy Times Website here: http://www.greenenergytimes.org/?p=1141&ref=gordonswd8510

    Best of Burlington Magazine

    Gordon’s Window Decor was featured in the Best of Burlington Magazine, this summer.

    Read complete article here

    2010 Community Events Schedule

    Vermont Home Style Interiors & Trends Show October 2 & 3, 2010 at the Sheraton Conference Center in South Burlington; www.vermonthomestyle.com

    Vermont Principal’s Association Leadership Academy, August 4,7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.,Killington Grand Resort

    Vermont School Custodians & Maintenance Association Conference, June 24 & 25, Thursday 6/24 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Friday 6/25 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.,Hartford High School White River Junction

    Vermont Green Energy & Sustainable CSI Conference May 27, 2010, 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.,Shelburne Farms Coach Barn in Shelburne; www.csivermont.org

    Vermont Home and Garden Show 2010


    Essex Junction, VT – Finding ways to save money and reduce your energy bill is a common goal and can be achieved by installing the right type of window covering. During these tough economic times the opportunity to purchase quality shades at an affordable price is rare.

    Recently Gordon’s Window Decor donated approximately 200 window treatments to the Salvation Army for sale in their stores. Three of their Vermont Family Thrift Store locations were the recipients of Gordon’s generous donation; 358 Dorset Street in Burlington, 1333 Williston Road South Burlington, and 197 Pearl Street Essex Junction.

    “We are very pleased to be the recipients of window treatments from Gordon’s Window Decor,” stated Greater Burlington Salvation Army Thrift Store Supervisor Marco DiCarlo. “Local business supporting local business is how Vermonters can thrive in these challenging economic times”. Donations from local businesses are sold to community residents at discounted prices and the proceeds are immediately turned back into the community through the Salvation Army’s services and support. “Buying local really matters,” added DiCarlo.

    All Family Thrift Stores are fully operated by The Salvation Army so the proceeds go directly into their charity work. In fact, every dollar generated by a store is used to fund the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers. “Choosing the Salvation Army to receive this donation made perfect sense with their new location right down the street from us,” explained Kelly Conklin Sales Manager EcoSmart Shades. “It felt very natural for Gordon’s Window Decor to partner with a nonprofit that serves our community as well as others across the state.”

    Family owned and operated Gordon’s Window Decor has been serving the window treatment needs of homes and businesses since 1986. For more information call 802-655-7777, visit www.gordonswindowdecor.com, or stop by the factory showroom in Essex Junction.

    Photo: Salvation Army Associate Brad Grant loads donation items from
    Gordon’s Window Decor into the delivery truck.

    Good Works: Gordon’s Window Decor

    Article in the Burlington Free Press 1/25/10

    Read Full Article here.

    2010 Community Events Schedule

    Gordon’s Window Decor will be at the following home shows, trade shows and exhibits in 2010. We hope you’ll stop by and say hello.

    Better Building by Design Conference February 10 & 11, 2010 at the Sheraton Conference Center in South Burlington; www.efficiencyvermont.com

    Burlington Home Show February 27 & 28, 2010 at the Sheraton Conference Center in South Burlington; www.homeshows.com

    NNECERAPPA Spring Educational Conference March 11 & 12 at the UVM Dudley H. Davis Center in Burlington; www.erappa.org

    Vermont Home & Garden Show April 16, 17 & 18, 2010 at the Champlain Valley Expo Center in Essex Junction; www.vthomeandgardenshow.com

    Vermont Green Energy & Sustainable CSI Conference May 27, 2010,  8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.,Shelburne Farms Coach Barn in Shelburne; www.csivermont.org

    Vermont School Custodians & Maintenance Association Conference, June 24 & 25, Thursday 6/24 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Friday 6/25 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.,Hartford High School White River Junction

    Vermont Principal’s Association Leadership Academy,August 4,7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.,Killington Grand Resort

    Vermont Home Style Interiors & Trends Show October 2 & 3, 2010 at the Sheraton Conference Center in South Burlington; www.vermonthomestyle.com

    Gordon’s Window Decor aligns with recovery money

    Gordon’s Window Decor aligns with recovery money – Governor Douglas vists Gordon’s Window Decor as reported in the Essex Reporter. From: News 44 Fox Kerrin Jeromin

    Green Up Your Window Shades

    Posted: July 29, 2009 05:52 PM

    A local company helps you go green, keeping energy from flying out the window. From the fabric to the energy saving design, they aren’t just green in color.

    “They last a really long time, we’re not filling the landfills with mini blinds, they’ll be on your window for years,” said Ahana Richards of Gordon’s Window Decor.

    The window shades are environmentally friendly. Gordon’s coined the term eco-smart to define their shades. A study at Berkley determined just how smart these shades are.

    “In Vermont we could save $1.50 per square foot of glass per year with our shades,” Gordon Clements of Gordon’s Window Decor, said.

    For the average home that’s $1.50/sq ft of glass or $450 for a typical home with 300 sq ft of window. per year in energy savings, which is the the average for a 2,000 square foot home.

    Another “green factor” with these shades is that they are locally made and manufactured in Essex Junction, Vt. This cuts down on shipping. Because they’re locally made, it also keeps the price down for you.

    “Since the beginning we’ve been located here in Vermont. Vermonters are very energy conscious, so we’ve continually built and redefined our line of products, so that we’re providing great energy efficiency at the window, at an affordable price,” Clements said.

    The shades are receiving national recognition; the next order is being shipped to Washington, D.C.

    They also qualify for a tax credit of up to $1,500 for their energy conscious design.

    Link to news article

    Gordon’s Window Decor Loves a Parade – Rain or Shine!

    Gordon’s Window Decor proved you do not have to be a professional dancer to have joined in the Quadricentennial Parade last Saturday in Burlington, Vermont.

    Burlington, VT July 15, 2009 — Gordon’s Window Decor proved you do not have to be a professional dancer to have joined in the Quadricentennial Parade last Saturday in Burlington, Vermont. Even the torrential rain couldn’t dampen the spirit of their group, which included employees male and female, young and seasoned and even had the participation of an eight- month pregnant employee! The Quadricentennial parade was one of the many events celebrating the 400th anniversary of French explorer and cartographer Samuel de Champlain’s travels by sail, oar, and paddle to the lake that now bears his name.

    The Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Commission was excited about the prospect of having an all dance parade, which was scheduled to commence rain or shine, and The Gordon’s Window Decor crew was happy to take on the challenge. With the help of renowned choreographer Karen Amirault the group mastered a special dance routine reflecting their enthusiasm for their community. After weeks of evening practices – the staff felt ready to rock and roll down Main Street for the Quadricentennial Parade Celebration.

    The parade itself included dance routines from around the world including the Abenaki Nation, The Bosnian Lilies Folk Dance Group, Peru Mestizo, Inc., various dance studios from around the area, appearances from Senator Bernie Sanders and Vermont Governor Jim Douglas. Sandwiched in between over 70 performing groups was the lively staff of Gordon’s Window Decor, right behind The Karen Amirault Dance Company & KIDZ and in front of The Tibetan Association of Vermont.

    Betty Sargent, employee of Gordon’s Window Decor, said, “I was enthusiastic and excited about participating, even in the rain. Our passion as a whole was great despite the poor weather.”

    Gordon Clements, President of Gordon’s Window Deccor seconded Sargent’s statement, “although our choreography did not win us a Dancing with the Stars award, the crowd’s cheering and enthusiasm was warming through the downpour and kept our team going strong. It was a great team building experience and we had a lot of fun out there.”

    Gordon’s Window Decor is located in Essex Junction, Vermont. They are the creator and sole manufacturer of EcoSmart Insulating Shades and EcoSmart Roller Shades. Along with carrying a wide range of window treatments and window film, Gordon’s Window Decor provides consultation, measuring installation and cleaning of all their products. They have been serving the Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts areas for over 23 years.

    GreenGuard and OekoTex Certification

    Company: Gordon’s Window Decor
    Company Contact: Kelly Conklin
    Phone #: 802-338-9344

    ESSEX JUNCTION, VT (May 12, 2009) – Gordon’s Window Decor, the pioneering producer of customized window treatments, is proud to announce the GreenGuard and OekoTex certification of its Green fabric line of EcoSmart Roller Shades.

    Three of EcoSmart Roller Shades™ fabrics have earned GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and the GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute as well as Oeko-Tex certification.Both the GREENGUARD Certification Program and the Oeko-Tex Program are industry-independent, third party testing programs.

    GREENGUARD Certification is a tool for architects, designers, product specifiers, and purchasing organizations wanting to locate, specify, and purchase off-the-shelf, low-emitting products for indoor environments.

    OekoTex Textiles, which are awarded the certificate, are free of concentrations of harmful substances that are detrimental to health.

    “Here at Gordon’s Window Decor we are constantly trying to find ways to help consumers marry aesthetic needs with environmental concerns,” Explains Kelly Conklin, Manager, ”Consumers do not need to settle on unattractive window treatments just because they care for their environment. They can certainly have both and our green fabric line is proof of that.” Customers can go to GordonsWindowDecor.com to set up a free, no-obligation design consultation or stop by the Essex Junction Showroom.

    Gordon’s Window Decor, founded in 1986, is a leader in the window fashion industry. Gordon Clements, President and founder of Gordon’s, has been working in the industry for over 30 years. The company builds all EcoSmart Roller shades in their factory in Essex Junction, Vermont. Every shade is hand signed by its craftsperson. They also build EcoSmart Insulating Shades, some models of which qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. EcoSmart stands by its mission statement, which is ”To design, and manufacture quality, innovative, custom treatments in a way that gives our customers the highest attainable value, in a timely manner”.

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