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Plush, Bright Pillows

Ahhhh pilllows! We just love pillows! They are a really economical way of adding accents of bold, bright colors and the little playful roman in the window seat complements the decor perfectly!


Matching and complimentary pattern pillows really pack a punch!

Pillows are one of the best ways to get color into a space in a way that is very affordable and simple. Toss a couple onto a couch, bench, bed and instantly there is color, pattern, fun! They can be made with edge accents or trimmings to add to the fun. A custom pillow is really a work of art- stop by our showroom to see some of the beautiful custom pillows we have available!


Delish pillows from Fabricut Fabric.


This nook wouldn’t be the same without those original orange pillows inviting all to pause and sit a little.

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