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    The Odysee Insulating Blind is revolutionary in terms of versatility and functionality. It has all the benefits of a tilting blind like view through and privacy but offers the soft look of a honeycomb along with energy efficiency! You can have your window completely bare when it is raised, complete privacy when it is lowered with the cells open, or versatile light control when it is lowered with the cells collapsed!

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    Many clients speak to their delight when they realize the light isn’t quite right in their room and they have a window treatment that can fix it easily and beautifully. Whether there is too much glare, or it feels a bit dark, or they need privacy the Odysee can do it all!


    You don’t need to choose between the look and functionality of a blind versus a honeycomb shade you can have both. The Odysee looks just like a wood blind when it is down and the cells are collapsed and like an insulating honeycomb when it is down and cells are open. If you want your view totally unencumbered you can raise the blind all the way up so it is out of your view!

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