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VNA-Respite House in Colchester, Vermont

Construction began in Fall of 2015 on the new Respite house in Colchester, VT and was completed this year.

The VNA’S NEW Respite House is increasing capacity from 13 to 21 beds, with larger resident rooms, each with a private bathroom, shower, and space for family to stay overnight. The enhanced work and meeting space for staff and volunteers, improved kitchen, as well as family gathering spaces, make the Respite house, a-home-away-from-home. The facility can also accommodate expansion if additional resident rooms are needed in the future.

Hospice is about enhancing life and living to the fullest potential, using an approach to care that considers physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
A circular driveway greets the new residents.


Vermont Respite House provides hospice care to individuals whose illness and health care needs make it too difficult to remain in their own homes or other settings.

An inpatient hospice home such as the Respite House provides an alternative to nursing home or hospital care.(copy courtesy of

McClure Miller VNA Respite House

Client Need

"Vermont Respite House has been a home-away-from-home to people with terminal illness for nearly a quarter of a century. In that time, we’ve seen the need for residential hospice services grow along with an aging population and heightened awareness of the benefits of hospice care. The new Respite House will allow us to respond to this increasing demand.", said VNA President Judy Peterson

To put it simply, the VNA just run out of room at the old site.

Our installers, hanging the final draperies.

Here at Gordon's we knew, we were creating a home away from home for terminally ill family members. That is why our designer took meticulous care during the design process. Selecting fabrics, and products that would evoke strong feelings of 'home.'

Our Solution

Ease of transitions, (literally and figuratively) are important to the staff, to their future patients and their families.

The facility has a variety of needs for all the different spaces.

Horizontal Blinds used in office spaces

In the offices, we used a traditional horizontal blind, providing staff light and privacy control at their fingertips. (as seen in photo above)


View from hallway.

Just peeking your head into the patient rooms, you can feel the attention to detail that was paid to each space. Warm wall colors, drapery with soft fabrics, to the comfortable furniture, create a home-away-from-home. Everything was taken into consideration.

Two-toned drapery in patient room.

"Holly Miller said. 'We’re phobic about death. We live in an anti-aging society. It’s like we’re in a state of not wanting to know.' At the Respite House, they take a different approach. There’s no schedule, and you can eat when you want and what you want. 'If you want to have bacon and eggs in the morning with a little shot of whiskey and a brownie, you can go right ahead,' Bobby Miller said." - Courtesy of VT Digger.

(Holly and Bobby Miller are the principal financial backers of this Colchester property)

Wood blinds layered with opaque drapery.

Our designer, along side the project manager, created window decor that offered superior light control with amazing ease. Wood blinds by Graber, underneath the anti-microbial fabric by Samelson Chatelane.

Light and privacy control for each window.

The elongated wands add ease to the operation to the room darkening drapery.

Notice the continuing horizontal design of the drapery.

The two-toned drapery is such a wonderful design element. The horizontal lines of the wood blinds and the drapery, glide the eye around each room.

A great attention to detail with this design.


In the great room, where patients, staff and family will mingle, again, ease of operation and a 'home' like environment were of the utmost importance.

The Great room.

Horizontal blinds and drapery in the Great room.

Kirsch drapery hardware in caramelized Bronze, with large traverse rings, aid the motion of the drapery.

Kirsch hardware.


Comfortex Roman Shades with top down/bottom up operation. With this nice, open weave, the view can still be enjoyed, without the blinding glare of the morning sun.

Comfortex Roman shades.

Top down/ bottom up Roman shades in family room.

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