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Vermont Public Radio- Renovation

“Constructed in 1908, the former veterinary hospital that now houses Vermont Public Radio was part of the self contained, planned military community of Fort Ethan Allen. In 1994 VPR purchased the building and began refurbishing it, keeping the historic significance in mind.”



“In 1975, four Vermonters gathered to create a public radio station for Vermont. National experts tried to dissuade them, reasoning that Vermont was too rural a state to support a station solely by listener support.“- Courtesy of



Vermont Public Radio recently broke ground on an $8 million expansion and renovation of its headquarters, located in Colchester’s historic Fort Ethan Allen district. This project represents the next step in VPR’s evolution as a public media organization serving the state of Vermont,” said VPR President Robin Turnau. “Our improved facilities will allow us to enhance and expand our public service while engaging the community in new and innovative ways.The architect for the VPR project is Wiemann & Lamphere of Colchester. The construction manager is Neagley & Chase of South Burlington”-Courtesy of

Client Need

"VPR doubled the square footage of the headquarters, it will did so in a sustainable manner. A major feature is the “net zero” approach to energy use. Working in partnership with Efficiency Vermont, the new design includes many energy-saving features and a rooftop solar array. Maintaining light control throughout the offices and common spaces was the priority of VPR." -courtesy of VPR


The natural light cascades throughout the office.

The thoughtfulness of the building's design cannot be lost on anyone that walks in.



Reclaimed & re-purposed wood, line the walls, creating warmth and a strong reminder of the state we live and love so much.






Leaving behind some of original hitching rings as decorative architectural details, nods to the building's long history.



Our Solution


Our designer, David, worked closely with the team at VPR to create the look, and took into account the practicality of their desired window coverings. 


Our EcoSmart Roller shades, with their ease of operation, and filtered light, is the ideal solution for a open office floor plan. 









The openness weave of 3%, provides excellent solar glare control, but also prevents that 'cave' like vibe that heavier treatments can create.











And let's just say it, they look goooooooood.
















Our EcoSmart Roller shade in a 3% openness for one of their meeting rooms, was the perfect match for the wall color.

And I might add, compliments the vibe they have created in their new spaces.


In the neighboring office, we continued to create continuity through the office.

The mottled grey carpeting, and our white/grey shades, creates a cohesive, calming work space.

Perfect for FUNDRAISING!


"Listener-supported Vermont Public Radio has been serving the people of Vermont and the surrounding region since 1977. As Vermont's only statewide public radio network, VPR is a trusted and independent source for news, music, conversation, NPR programming and much more. The latest news, playlists, schedules, stations and live streams are at and on your smartphone."- courtesy of VPR

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