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Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Kyle really loves top down bottom up EcoSmart shades because, they are perfect for the versatility and flexibility they offer, and with EcoSmart  you also get great energy efficiency!

When lowered from the top down/bottom up, EcoSmart shades afford privacy without having to forfeit light. This is a great feature in the winter, when it is too cold to raise the shades completely.  By lowering from the top, the bottom rail stays on the sill, which stops the convection current, and helps keep the room warm, and at the same time sunlight can pour in from the top, taking advantage of some solar gain.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

When raised from the bottom, the shade acts as any traditional window covering, allowing for versatile light control.

EcoSmart Top Down Bottom Up 2


When completely raised, the shade stacks tightly at the top, so as to leave the glass an unencumbered as possible.

EcoSmart Top Down Bottom Up 3












When Top Down/Bottom Up EcoSmart Shades are lowered completely, they offer fabulous insulation in the summer or the winter. They help keep rooms cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Even light filtering EcoSmart shades offer great privacy.


EcoSmart Top Down Bottom Up 4

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