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The Shelburne Museum

When the Shelburne Museum opens the doors to their new Center for Art and Education most folks will be looking at the displays, but the Gordon’s Team will be checking out the window coverings! We were proud to supply the museum with the best that the window covering has to offer for their new space. One of the most fun parts of the project was finding the best solution for covering a HUGE (16′ x 16′!) skylight.


Client Need

The skylight is in a room that will house borrowed art so it is EXTREMELY sensitive to light. The client was looking for a motorized solution, so that when less sensitive pieces are in the space, they will be able to let natural light into the room.

Our Solution

One of the things that we absolutely love here at Gordon's is coming up with custom solutions for our clients, and a motorized blackout skylight shade 16' x 16' certainly fits the bill! We worked with a company out of Canada to design a system that is easy to operate and will last for years and years. We are so pleased with the finished project!


This is the skylight from above with Rob, our Lead Installer, which gives some perspective to its size.

Delicious filtered light.

This is the skylight from below- it is hard to get the perspective on just how big it is!


View from atop.

This is the skylight from above in its 16' x 16' box. The lights are along the edge so that the space will glow beautifully at night.

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