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The Tanis’ home

Something ‘old’ with something new. Their house is now a home, beautiful and more energy efficient.

It doesn’t always work, but reusing older drapery into something new, can really pay off.

Client Need

Ann and John Tanis bought their beautiful home and it came with many windows, starting with the 14 foot high triple window, in their entrance way, that is completely unreachable.

In their living and dining room, they wanted to create warmth, color and softness. Also, wanted to reuse a Roman Shade from their old house.   We had great ideas for them.



Our Solution

Our designer worked closely with Ann and John on the entrance window by adding an EcoSmart insulating cellular shade with motorization.


Having this shade motorized was the perfect solution for such a high window. The lower entrance side window now has a cellular shade with hybrid operation to offer ease of daily use.


Our designer’s use of color and texture with the fabric of the cornices, help transition from room to room, with a great flow.

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