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Swanton Elementary School

We value the beautiful windows we have in both our buildings however, we noticed that we were losing a great deal of heat through them,” articulated Benay. “At the same time we were addressing student safety and asked the Board to consider energy efficient shades as part of the strategic facilities plan.”

The Board, having heard directly from founder and owner Gordon Clements, accepted the bid from Gordon’s Window Decor.” Benay added, “We did an analysis of our natural gas usage, and found that we started saving money in the first year. We are pleased to have worked with Gordon’s, a local company with an excellent product.”

Client Need

Many schools in Vermont have implemented changes to improve their facilities by addressing energy conservation, safety, and reducing operating costs.

Our Solution

With energy efficiency being a primary objective, Julie Benay Principal of Swanton’s elementary and middle schools realized the window shades in her own home gave her the answer – EcoSmart™ cellular insulating shades from Gordon’s Window Decor. In addition to energy conservation, other priorities for Julie were safety, and ensuring a secure learning environment.

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