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Skylights -Solar gain control

Solar gain can be a wonderful thing, in these cold, loooooong months in Vermont. But in the Summer, PHEW! it can make your home unbearable to enjoy.

Who wants that?

When you have spectacular views, sun glare can be painful.

Gordon’s to the rescue!

Client Need

Our lovely client had a stunning living room with 2nd story balcony, that was almost unusable in the Summer months, due to the wall of windows, the heat gain and painful sun glare. Ouch!

Our designer came up with a very practical solution that combined products to create a room that can be LIVED in year round. Combining Hunter Douglas motorized Skylift shades and our made in Vermont EcoSmart Cellular shades, our customer can bask in the filtered light, and drastically reduced heat gain. Say it with me....ahhhhhh...

Our Solution

Our designer knew motorized skylight shades would be used far more often by her customer, than if the shades were manually operated. Convenience is one thing, usability is more important.

Bank of windows     Filtered light

With Hunter Douglas' pebble remote each shade can be operated separately or a 'scene' can be created with a select few of shades. The possibilities are endless.

Hunter Douglas pebble remote

Here are two different scenes showcased here:

  Shading options are endless with motorization  Progressive lift

On the lower windows, our designer paired the HD shades with our EcoSmart double-cell continuous-cord shades. Matching the fabric color, integrating motorized & manual shades, and taking into consideration of daily usage by her customer, the shades are now an active component to the home.

Filtered light EcoSmart and Hunter Douglas

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