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Sheer joy of not being blinded on a daily basis.

“We received the shades today and have successfully installed.  Thanks for the under-promise and over-deliver.  Smart way to do business.This cordless cellular is the perfect solution for our situation.  Thanks very much for your enjoyable and educational sales consult and Kudos to your entire operation.” -Mark

“Shades are WOWZA wonderful – LOVE them!!!! So much more than I’d expected.. Do I daresay – gulp – they look elegant? Not to mention the sheer joy of not being blinded on a daily basis. YOU rock! Gordon’s rocks! So pleased!!!  Thanks again, sincerely & so much, for your contribution to our improved comfort – NO glare is awesome – and for making it all so fun, painless, successful – and not to be forgotten, handsome! I’d close w/ ‘have fun’ but it would be redundant to tell YOU that.  All best!!!” – Laurie

Client Need

Laurie and Mark came in to our showroom, with a common problem.

Glare. BLINDING glare with their West facing windows.

However, they have glorious sunsets. to solve this?


Our Solution

We suggested window film.

-Nope. Wasn't going to cut the glare enough.

We suggested EcoSmart Roller shades with different fabric opacities.

-We sent them home with samples. CLOOoOoose, but no cigar.

Our 3rd suggestion, our EcoSmart cellular shades.-DING DING DING! We found a solution!

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