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Rechargeable Automated shades

Elementary School Renovation, Berlin, VT

Completed in August 1969, the Berlin Elementary School in Berlin, Vermont, was to undergo significant renovation and modernization during the Summer of 2017.






Improvements to school mechanical systems, flooring, ceilings, windows, and building security were among the many issues to be addressed.


The gymnasium was an area to receive major upgrades.


Client Need

New windows, spanning from the ceiling to 15’ AFF, with spandrel panels below, would provide natural light to the space on the north, east, and south elevations.


However, the need to also darken the space during the day called for room darkening window shades for these tall, narrow windows.




Clutch driven roller shades with fascia were specified due to their simplicity and budget concerns for the project.

Our Solution

Recognizing the challenge of using loop chains to operate roller shades in this situation, Gordon’s Window Décor worked with the architect and general contractor to offer a more practical solution to this challenge, despite carrying a higher initial cost to the project.

Gordon’s offered to furnish made in Vermont roller shades equipped with Rollease Acmeda DCRF Li-Ion motors, each installed with a solar panel to maintain the batteries in the motor.

Benefits of this approach included elimination of chain controls in the gymnasium, no need for the contractor to provide power or control wiring, and the ability to lower and raise all 13 shades individually or together from a single remote.


The architect and school accepted the recommendation – recognizing the investment would recoup itself in operation and maintenance costs in only a few years.




As well, the use of Sierra Sol Tempe fabric, mounted with the Ebony face to the outside provided an ideal match to the spandrel panels below when the shades are lowered, while also matching the interior of the gymnasium.




Project Details:

Shades: (13) EcoSmart Skyline Roller Shades w/ 4” Fascia in Vanilla; 24”W x 125”H

Fabric:  Sierra Sol Tempe, Ebony, mounted with Ebony side facing outside of building.







Control: MT-REM-15, 15 channel handheld remote control for individual and group control.






Operation: Automate MTDCBRF-28-2 Li-Ion w/ MTSOL-PAN solar panel conditioning

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