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Office staff was feeling the HEAT!

The large windows in 800 Response office space needed our HELP!

Roller shaded with view-through


Client Need

Excessive heat gain and computer glare made this a difficult work environment for the office staff.

The heat, oh the HEAT.

The glare, OH the glare. The team's work environment was a bit oppressive.

Until David from Gordon's paid them a visit!

Our Solution

We installed on the east, west, and south sides a 3% openness factor and a 10% openness factor fabric on the north side. The difference in openness really protects the team from the harsh sun and heat. Our EcoSmart Roller shades are the perfect solution for this office.

EcoSmart Roller shades are ideal for office spaces

Blinding light NO LONGER!

Happy staff now!

The fabric has cut down on the heat gain and computer glare dramatically improving the quality of the work environment. Happy team!

In addition, the openness of the fabric allows the staff to maintain their view even when the shades are down!

How great is that?

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