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New home needs privacy!

Our designer visited this new home and noticed right away the windows were naked!

The clients wanted to work with a local company. After they did some research, they found that Gordon’s was the perfect fit.

“Your reputation for quality goods and services, made us pick up the phone!”

Naked windows, OH NO!



Client Need

When buying a new home, one of the TOP priorities is to create privacy and eliminate possible glare issues. With our EcoSmart cellular shades, not only do those troublesome issues get remedied, but added bonus, INSULATION and ENERGY EFFICIENCY!

The clients expressed interest in a product that was easy to operate, with a sleek design and that would really disappear when not in use.

Our interstellar installer Mark, went right to work!

Mark won't leave a screw behind.


Our Solution

Our designer's solution for the clients was easy.

Our very own manufactured EcoSmart cordless cellular shades.

And our EcoSmart shades going in!

Gorgeous diffused light AND privacy!

Privacy at last!

Easy operation  images


Sleek design  images

Provides privacy images

Local, reputable company  images

Glare control images

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