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Net-zero for couple’s forever home

“Dousevicz Developement designed high-quality homes that can accommodate a-la-carte options for green technologies, clients choose how to make your Rye Meadows home highly energy efficient and comfortable.

Offering a net-zero home – a house that creates all its own power – without breaking your bank or getting overly complex. We built Rye Meadows in a great location that’ll make your commute short and sweet: close to the centers of Burlington and South Burlington, and right near great schools and the bike path.” Courtesy of Douzevicz INC



Client Need

This gorgeous new construction, was designed thoughtfully. Everything was taken into consideration- including the shading design, thanks to Gordon's.

Our homeowners knew what they liked; our designer knew what they needed.

Our Solution

Rodman selected our made in Vermont Ecosmart Solar/Roller Shades, in the common areas of the home. Adding see-thru, as well as glare control.

Seen here: 3% fabric.

Our remote is sleek and contemporary.

Solar shades reduced the harsh sunlight/glare, while maintaining the homeowner's view. Adding automation, provides ease and convenience.


In the dining room, to the immediate right of the great room, design cohesion was achieved by using the same fabric for a manual Solar shade.

With the peaceful view from the back deck, completely covering it, seemed like a crime.




Together Rodman & the homeowner chose a combination of our made in Vermont EcoSmart  top-down bottom-up. as well as bottom up only, EcoSmart Insulating shades  in the master bedroom.

This combo offers the ultimate in light control right at their fingertips.

Top down/bottom up control was chosen for the shade with neighbors nearby; privacy is maintained, and yet the sunshine can still cascade in. 

A semi-opaque fabric was chosen. Not only beautiful, it is also amazingly energy efficient.


The home office needed privacy. But who can work in a cave? With our top down/bottom up EcoSmart insulating shades, the work space can have natural light pouring in, and privacy at the same time!

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