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Mr. Davey

Client Need

Richard's first initial need, was to help with the fuel bill.  He had notice in this cove area of the dining room, a lot of cool air was coming in from the North side.

When his wife was alive, she did not want to cover the windows, so she can see the birds. Now that he is alone and fuel cost are so high, Richard wanted to have the ability to reduce the winter expense and lessen the usage of his central A/C bill.

Our Solution

Richard decided to place 4 EcoSmart cellular shades on the left & right stationary
windows aside of his French door that exits to the deck.  However, after looking in the living room double window and another door that the air conditioner is near, we decided to also to add more EcoSmart cellular shades. Now when the A/C is on, the cool air will repel off the shades. His home just became more energy efficient, and saving Richard's wallet.


He wanted to continue the look of the valances into the entire living room with a floral print fabric. His wife made the valances and keeping them was very important to him.  He originally wanted to extend the look into the dining room space.

Our approach with Richard's project, was fabric selection. That was important.  He wanted to incorporate a solid, with small amount of texture, into the space, because his chairs have a
floral print.  Richard selected 3 fabrics in the green hues and purchased them from a
fabric store, where his wife purchased the other floral fabric previously.  He brought the samples when we met.


Gordon's measured for the cove area of the dining room and matched the rod run pocket style in the abiding living room wall.  Richard installed the rods, with our help. We placed the order with Felix, Gordon's talented fabricator, to fabricate the rod run valances.

As promised, we wanted to install the valances with Richard, to ensure he was happy.

During the installation, Richard expressed interest in window film. He asked us to measure the 2 skylights for Madico Film.

Working with Richard was quite enjoyable, especially, engaging with him. He is totally happy with all we've done and I know he will be happy for years to come.

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