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Motorized shades were just right!

This new construction was a great opportunity to give careful consideration for optimal light control.


Client Need

There were numerous factors to take into consideration for this space, including light and glare control. The nearby water, especially created unwanted glare in the home office.

The sun’s travel throughout the day, proved to be a design challenge, but with different opacities of the matching fabric,  the custom design became so effective.


Our Solution

Abigail opted for our made in Vermont, motorized EcoSmart roller shades.

The shades were programmed to correlate with the sun’s path throughout the day. The corner window shade fabric, in the office and bath, were modified to compensate for the intense sun over the course of a day.

The matching fabric tied the overall design together, creating a unified feel throughout the home.



"Abigail was fabulous! I only wish I had her for every design aspect in our new home!"~Suzanne R.

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