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Misery Loves Co.

One of Burlington‘s few food trucks in the form of a red Winnebago, has found a home in a brick and mortar space in Winooski.

Rustic-chic hot spot, in downtown Winooski, Misery Loves Co., dispensing innovative spins on American comfort food & craft cocktails.


“Vermont is lucky to have Misery Loves Co. Equipped with a well-informed, intelligent and charismatic staff, MLC is raising the service industry ‘bar’ to new heights. The creativity and dedication that goes into both the cocktail menu and the food menu has minimal competition in Burlington and it’s greater area. They are expressing exact flavors by using preparations that enhance the beauty of the food they are working with, it’s incredible every damn time and the presentation is thought through… damn near jaw dropping.”, said one Patron

Client Need

While a bustling street and large front windows, is GREAT for advertising their arrival, not so much for creating a cozy eating environment.


A food truck transformed into a brick & mortar stylish restaurant.


Misery, won't have to twist many arms with this 'promise'.Check out their Happy Hour menu.

The interior is beautifully designed from the wooden floors to the portions of alligator-skin textured walls.


Everything within Misery's walls, is effortlessly taken into consideration.

The ambiance is cozy, with panache.


All they needed was added privacy with some drapery that complimented their vibe.

Our Solution

Our talented designer, chose a charming Chambray in a lovely 100% linen.


The linen we selected is made from flax fibers and is 2 to 3 times stronger that cotton and is a good conductor of heat.


The cafe curtains might be petite, yet provide privacy, create visual softness, and home vibe.



The warm grey chambray seems to transform in color throughout the day.


Supper Menu.


And if MLC couldn't be any cooler, they quote Leonard Cohen....on their menu.




Check out their Brunch menu and make sure to make your visit a priority.

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