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Mid-Century design

Today, more than ever, the mid-century modern design is everywhere you look! Flip through issues of Architectural Digest or Elle Décor and you’ll find that more than half of the featured homes prominently include mid-century furniture pieces.

“Mid-century modern” itself is a difficult term to define. It broadly describes architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (roughly 1933 to 1965, though some would argue the period is specifically limited to 1947 to 1957). The timeframe is a modifier for the larger modernist movement, which has roots in the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 19th century and also in the post-World War I period.” –courtesy of

Client Need

Gordon's was at the Burlington Homeshow and met this fabulous couple, that JUST closed on their home 2 days prior!


This fabulous couple from the Netherlands were moving in to a home that had SO much charm, but was in desperate need of updating.





With a freshly painted foyer/living space (literally, the color is "Dutch blue"),and their impeccable taste, all that was left to do, was to select the utmost mid-century window decor.


Our Solution

For the front window, the new homeowners chose a Graber wood blind in base white, to match the window casing and to keep it crisp, clean and modern.

The windows are original and very shallow in depth, so our designer Jen, went with the petite 1" deep wood slat, it's a perfect fit in structure AND design.Because they have three separate windows, they needed three shades. But we were able to do one cohesive valance, with a keystone in the middle.

Nothing with this selection was a second thought.

See how the vintage vertical design of the original radiator is mimicked with the horizontal lines of the wood blinds?

Privacy, light control and mid-century style achieved in the exquisitely selected designed window decor. It's like we just time-warped to a simpler time, yet maintained a modern feel.

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