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Maintaining the Beautiful View!

Large, nicely designed windows throughout the our client’s home, was FANTASTIC for soaking in the glorious surrounding Vermont landscape, but not when the sun was out.

Oh the irony, huh?

Gordon’s had the optimal solution.



Client Need

Multiple large windows can be lovely, if only you have the appropriate window decor. If not,  your views will be lost and limit your enjoyment of your home.



Glaring sun throughout the day, was limiting the joy for our clients. Their home with sleek lines and exposed beams, lent itself to the equally streamlined design of our EcoSmart Roller shades.


Our Solution

Kyle suggested our EcoSmart Roller using a black fabric with a 10% opacity in the living spaces and a room-darkening fabric in the bedrooms.


His thought with this application was, there is an optical illusion that the color black offers to the eye. The black fabric fades away and allows the view to shine through, while reflecting the menacing glare.


Now our client's can bask in view of Mount Mansfield, without squinting or wearing sunglasses inside!



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