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Sheer shades are the perfect solution.

Having a sweeping view of Lake Champlain is glorious, but what happens when the sun is beating in, making it impossible to enjoy the view or your home?

“I don’t want shades. They will block my view!”

Sheer-ly, you can’t be serious.

I am serious and don’t call me….but I digress.

This is what we here at Gordon’s do so seamlessly. We find the most splendid solution that works for your home and your lifestyle.

Client Need

This lovely Shelburne residence has a GORGEOUS sunny lake vista, but the glare and heat make it unbearable during June through October. That's not good.

Abigail to the rescue!

Our Solution

Abigail suggested to keep the bright airy feel, 5%(opaque density) Gordon's very own Ecosmart Roller Shades.

Our roller shades maintain the views of the lake and outdoor pool.  Now the surrounding landscape is an important part to the interior flow of the entire space - yet the glare and solar heat gain are reduced significantly.

IMG_1447       IMG_1441

Check out the door shade- neatly behind the door knob and close to the glass. How cool is that?


Abigail also suggested window film on the arch window, which protects the home's interior with fading and UV rays year round. Win, WIN!


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