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Lakeview enhanced!

Outdoor living spaces such as patios, pergolas, porches, decks and balconies can get HOT, especially when they face west. Oasis® Patio Shades are designed to keep these type of spaces cool & visually comfy.

These unique exterior roller shades provide protection from glare, heat, and harmful UV rays.

When you have lakefront property, you want to enjoy it as MUCH as you can!




Client Need

When you have a spectacular view of Lake Champlain, and you can't enjoy it, that's a real bummer.

Thank goodness our client gave us a jingle!

We found the ideal product to achieve the myriad of issues they were experiencing.

  • Heat gain

  • Intense glare

  • Privacy control




Our Solution

An Insolroll Exterior Patio Shade was the solution!

The sturdy bottom rail holds fabric taunt and flat. The shade travels on securely mounted side cables to prevent billowing with wind.


Color coordinated beaded-chain for a very finished look. Note the seamed edges of the shade fabric. This prevents fraying and creates a clean line.


The optional fascia system protects fabric when retracted, and conceals the roller for a more clean-lined appearance. Think of it like a valance box that also protects the fabric!

The well-built tension system with guiding cables are cleanly mounted.


The fabric selected is Aurora Charcoal Bronze in 3% openness. As you can see, the view is not only preserved but enhanced! Notice the how much you can see with the shade down, as opposed to the opening with no shading. WHOA!

And with the afternoon Sun blazing in, our client's outdoor space would be so HOT, SO uncomfy, practically unusable.

And looking back at our client's home, the view is equally as beautiful!

Creating comfy, beautiful spaces for our client's to enjoy their lives, is what we do here at Gordon's.

Now let's sit back and enjoy that view.....

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