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Horace Mann-Washington DC

Horace Mann Elementary School, located in the nation’s capital, has provided quality education to the children of the District of Columbia for over seventy years. It is a community school that serves its multi-cultural neighborhood well. Horace Mann is one of only ten schools nationwide to have received the US Department of Education Blue Ribbon School award for excellence on four separate occasion: in 1989, 1993, 2003 and most recently in 2011.


Client Need

The client wanted to reduce heat and glare while maintaining the clean lines and view of the space.


Our Solution

Our designer recommended Mecho because the robust system will run for years, keeping custodial headaches to a minimum and the 5% opacity fabric will cut the heat and glare dramatically.

Just look at these roller shades! Wowza!


This photograph illustrates so perfectly how the shades maintain the beautiful view, and preserve the openness of the space.because there are actually shades in the top half of the windows so look how clear the view is with shades vs. the bottoms of the windows without shades.

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