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Hearth & Candle at Smuggler’s Notch Resort

Hearth & Candle is privately operated and  located in the heart of beautiful Smugglers Notch Resort. 


Chef Dave Pratt and his team  fuse bold flavors with high quality local ingredients to make a creative menu for everyone to enjoy.


The Hearth features three individual dining rooms, each providing a unique dining experience. The cozy Hearth room with fireplace and bar, the bright airy sunroom and  the areas only adult only dining room for an intimate dining experience.”

~Courtesy of Hearth& Candle’s website~

Client Need



With this perimeter of windows on two walls of the main dining room, the owners of Hearth & Candle needed a multi-functional window shade.

A shade that has wide variety of positioning options, protecting the eyes of its patrons as well, as adding a comfortable dining experience in the chilly winter months.

The noise level of a packed restaurant, was also a concern. What shade could be the answer to all of these concerns, as well as able to spot clean if Olive oil with roasted garlic splatters from the fork? *cue mouth water*

Our Solution

The answer was simple for our consultant; our own, made-in-Vermont EcoSmart Cellular shades.


Dining room



The Top down/ Bottom up operation of our shades, provides the ultimate in glare/sunlight control, when it starts to beat into this charming dining space.




The color of the fabric adds a wondrous, warm glow, adding to the ambience of the space. After a day of shushing down the slopes at Smuggs, what could be better than a cozy table (literally, as well as figuratively) to kick back, nosh on some incredible eats and bask in the glow of made in Vermont products? We can't think of anything.


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