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Here at Gordon’s, if you can dream, it we will do our best to make it happen!


Client Need

Our client had a large span of glass that was making their sitting room extremely hot in the summer and so cold in the winter. They wanted something that would allow them to enjoy the view completely when they wanted to and when needed would protect them from the hot and cold. Their home had clean, timeless lines that we wanted to preserve.

front view shade open

Our Solution

Because of the size of the window (16'!) this had to be a totally custom solution. I worked with the production team to come up with a system where we used EcoSmart cellular fabric strung on a motorized roller shade tube to accommodate the size. We worked with the client's contractor to build a pocket for the shade so that when it was raised it completely disappeared. The result is the largest cellular honeycomb shade I've ever encountered that proactively blocks the heat and looks beautiful doing it!

front view shade closed

Custom is what we do at Gordon's!

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